We all have heard the term software standing in the 21st century and know that it’s needed to be installed on our PCs and laptops to perform various works. But do we have any profound knowledge of software? Many answers will be negative.

Software – A Little Information

The software is nothing but a machine-readable instruction which instructs the computer processor to perform a particular task. We need different software to perform different tasks on our PCs and laptops. But where can we get the software from? I’m going to provide you the answer today.

There are many sites that allow you to download ample of software free of cost. They provide freeware, shareware and paid software for free. So, let’s jump to the best and most popular websites for downloading the free software.

Top Sites to Download Free Software


Softonic was launched in 1977 by the owner and creator of the web portal Tomas Diago. The huge database and collection of PC software and mobile application made the web portal extremely popular as time passed. Moreover, the site contains a forum where you can question and answer regarding a software or application.


If you’re in search of a website that will provide all the free software along with their reviews, Softpedia is definitely the destination. Softpedia is one of the most visited and preferred software downloading site to find useful resources about a software. Softpedia first came into existence in 2001 and by now has become an encyclopedia of the free software.


Filehippo offers the open source, freeware and shareware programs for Windows to download. Filehippo was launched in 2004 and nowadays considered one of the best free software downloading websites in the internet world. That’s not all, Filehippo also offers its own software for you to download such as Filehippo Scanner, Update Checker and much more.


If you’re aiming at downloading the software not only for Windows but also for MAC and Linux operating systems, Brothersoft is the only destination you should eye on. Brothersoft is one of those websites that gain a massive number of eyeballs. The site is comprised of more than 300000 software including wallpapers, widgets, scripts, games, utilities, browsers and much more. Brothersoft was released in 2002.

CNET Download

Download.com is an internet download directory where users can discover free software to download on their PCs. One can find an array of different software on this download directory without any hassle. After launched in 1996, it saw a massive growth because of its proficiency in providing the best software and application for users. And now the site is one of the most visited software downloading websites all over the world. Users can find both paid and free software for all the major Operating Systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, and Mobile.

Top Websites to Download Free Software on Your PC

So, these are the top five software downloading sites I have found on the internet. But if you think everything of these sites mentioned above are good, you’re making a mistake. This third-party software downloading sites often contain malware and ransomware which can ruin your device if you download from the site.

Many users have submitted their complaints about them, and thus, we decided to inform you. You can get a detailed information about the safety of these sites on Layerpoint. So, read the article on Layerpoint before taking a single step.